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About Us

This is the healthcare website design arm of Paramount Networking Limited.  We have two main elements of our business: computer network design and website design.  As the website design branch developed we decided to launch under a dedicated brand with its own website.  We are still, very much, a part of Paramount Networking Limited.  Undoubtedly, having our own website means we can give our healthcare clients more information about what we do.

helping the medical team to work more effectively
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Our Expertise

Our focus is bringing our skills to the health care sector.  Without a doubt, our sites give you the opportunity to make better use of your time with patients able to find relevant information easily online, rather than contacting the surgery for general enquiries. Indeed, we work closely with medical and dental practices, to understand fully the pressures placed upon the health sector.
Consequently, we understand the demands of both the patient and the medical practice.  We are uniquely positioned to provide relevant information in an uncomplicated yet contemporary manner.

Our Assurance

Based in St Clears, West Wales we work to provide you and your patients with an informative, easy to navigate website.  Clearly, the last few years have highlighted the importance of patients being able to have access to the right information.  Unquestionably, our websites have helped to relieve the pressure on medical practices.  Additionally, our websites have provided patients with access to current, relevant information on any device at any time.

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